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Folks, there will be NO WRITING WORKSHOP next week. I am sorry about that, but there is a family medical issue I must be present for. In August, we will meet on the 8th and the 29th
02 May 2012 @ 07:55 am
Dear Workshop Folks-


I am very sorry, but I have bronchitis and would like to rest and to not expose any of you.

Our next meetings are Wednesday, May 16th and 30th.

26 March 2012 @ 08:53 am
Great news! It is now possible to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to Write Here, Write Now! Through the WHWN Advisory Group's good efforts, non-profit agency Sanctuary will be acting as our fiscal agent until we are fully incorporated as a church and able to oversee tax deductible donations on our own. Please contact us at if you would like more information on how to make your own tax deductible gift to Write Here, Write Now.
10 March 2012 @ 03:11 pm
I’ve just finished my first week back in service after a discernment retreat at Le Vatout (, a dear friend and client’s bed and breakfast in Waldoboro, Maine. If you are looking for a place to have quiet and reflective time surrounded by unimaginable majesty, give Dominika a call. I am deeply grateful to be able to make my own retreats there, and I know for certain that my continued service to the LGBTIQQAA literary community through Write Here, Write Now depends largely on the peace and introspection I am able to gain there.

While I was on retreat, the Queer Memoir: Leather event, a fundraiser for WHWN took place. You can view the video for the event here on the WHWN website, and I highly recommend that you do. This is what chosen family looks like. This is how community works. My thanks to all the good folks who were a part of making this event happen.

If you are interested in hosting a WHWN fundraising event please contact us at and let us know how we can help you with that. If you would simply like to make a one time, or ongoing gift to support our work, click the support button on our website for information on what your gift will make possible. And as always, you can help in a profound way by simply spreading the word about WHWN.

Thanks to the support of the Advisory Group, and the ongoing fundraising efforts of so many of you, WHWN is looking forward to a year of exciting offerings. In addition to the regular Wednesday night writing workshops, we plan on:

-Adding our FIRST satellite writing workshop, in Lansing, Michigan. Stay tuned for more information on how to be trained to be a WHWN workshop facilitator in your own town.
-A one-day painting and writing workshop in Somerville.
-A one-day songwriting workshop, in Somerville.
-A once a month Skype workshop, starting in June.
-A new page to the WHWN website to feature fresh writing for workshop members.
-Our yearly WHWN barbecue.
-And of course, the new WHWN open mic, happening every other month!

I am so honored to be able to serve the LGBTIQQAA community in these ways, and I hope that I will see each and every one of you at one or more of these offerings!

In service,
28 February 2012 @ 10:39 am
With many thanks to Sassafras and Kestryl Lowrey, I present to you the shiny, new Write Here, Write Now website. Please take a look for information about the services I offer, up to the minute event postings, and opportunities to support the work of Write Here, Write Now. Please, folks, re-post and share!
21 February 2012 @ 01:36 pm
Hey Folks-
Just a reminder that we will be meeting, this Wednesday, to write
together. And a quick recap of the new and continuing guidelines:
1) Please plan to arrive no earlier than 5:45. There are good coffee
shops in Davis Square, and the library on College Avenue is open until
2) If you need a parking permit, please let me know. There are two,
available, and one has already been requested.
3) I am still not strong enough to provide the usual full compliment
of snacks. There will be popcorn and vegan soup, as well as a variety
of beverages. Please do feel free to bring snacks of your own, or to
5) Please plan to leave promptly at the end of the night. We will
have a longer break time so that we get to socialize.
6) The new suggested donation for the night is $25. Writing Workshops
rely on participants to pay what they can, whether that's $1 or $100.
No one is ever turned away for lack of funds, and your donations make
that possible!
See you soon!
03 February 2012 @ 06:49 pm
Dear Folks-

As I look back at January, my first full month back in service, I am reminded of just how profoundly grateful I am for the encouragement, patience, and support that all of you have so generously showered upon me since October, and still continue to send my way. While I wish that I were able to offer the Wednesday Night Writing Workshop on a weekly basis, instead of every other week, and while I miss dearly the many hours of pastoral and editorial work which once filled my days, it is a pure joy to be back to work. I know that I would not be here at all, much less able to take my first halting steps toward full recovery, were it not for the abundance of your prayers, well-wishes, and donations.

In January, under the guidance and supervision of the new Advisory Group, I resumed about one half of my usual service schedule. I’m still a slow moving beast, with only a few good hours of focus and energy in me each day. The larger events, like Wednesday Night Writing Workshop, and the Write Here Write Now Open Mic Reading, are true and deep pleasures, and I find myself drained in the best of all possible ways. Still, I would not trade this work for the world, and with the help of some fine professionals I can feel myself growing stronger. And while I am still so very far from where I would like to be, working to regain so much physical and cognitive function, I know that with your continued support, I can look forward to as full and lasting a recovery as is possible.

Along with the new open mic reading series:
there are a number of exciting Write Here Write Now projects and events planned for 2012. On March 3rd, in New York City, you can attend a special Leather themed Queer Memoir ( as a benefit for Write Here, Write Now, featuring readings by Sinclair Sexsmith, Emily Millay-Haddad, Killi Dunham, Ignacio Rivera, Sara Vibes, and guest curated by Sassafras Lowrey. Keep an eye out for more information about April, when, S. Bear Bergman, storyteller, theater artist, instigator and gender-jammer, (, will be offering an evening of storytelling in support of the work of Write Here Write Now.

I am also pleased and honored to be serving as an editor and consultant to Sassafras Lowrey as ze prepares hir debut novel, Roving Pack, for publication this coming fall. Keep your eyes out for this one folks. Sassafras is about to blow the lids off every stereotype, misconception, or complacency about homeless queer kids. I will also be going back to work with REACH Beyond Domestic Violence, as writing coach to their Survivors’ Speakers Bureau. These are the big projects and events, and you can be sure that as I grow stronger, dozens of other opportunities to serve will come my way.

Thank you, again and again. And please, keep an eye on Write Here Write Now as the year progresses. With the help of the Advisory Group, we have some new and wonderful plans for 2012. I look forward to working with all of you to create a deeply sustainable and far-reaching ministry in service to our necessary and sacred stories.

In grateful service,

Open Mic at Unity Somerville the first Thursday night in February!

Thursday, Feb. 2nd, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Unity Somerville
6 William St. (edging College Ave.)

We welcome the queer and queer-allied community to join us as we create and hold space for folks to read their own words.

A sign-up sheet will be available at the event for 5-minute reading slots. There will be baked goods for sale! We ask that you help us make this a low-scent event by not wearing perfume/cologne or other scented products.

This is an all-gender event for queer/genderqueer/transgender folks and their allies.

$5-$20 sliding scale door donation



We held our first Open Mic in December and had a decent first-time-sized crowd, some really awesome read pieces, and lots of yummy baked stuff. We are hoping to steadily grow and we encourage anyone who enjoyed events like GenderCrash and the Amazon Slam at Ryles (back in the day!) to join us!

And a grateful shout out to Unity Somerville and their spacious basement meeting space and super-reasonable rental rates.
Dear Wednesday Night Writing Workshop Members-

As of Wednesday, January 11th, the Wednesday night writing workshop will be back up and running! Instead of meeting every week, we will be on an every other week scheduled for the time being. So future dates are: Wednesday, January 11th and 25th, Wednesday February 8th and 22nd. I am very much looking forward to seeing all of you again, and sharing the evening with you and your stories!

Please read through this letter carefully, as it contains important information about some new parameters and guidelines.

1) Because I am still very much recovering and regaining my strength, I am asking that you arrive NO SOONER THAN 5:45. There are a number of comfortable coffee shops in Davis Square if you need to arrive in the area earlier than this. There is also the Somerville Public Library, on College Ave., which is open until 6pm, and offers free wifi.

2) For the same reason, I am asking that we all make a conscientious effort to depart in a timely fashion, at the end of the night. I have been going to bed around 8pm, these past several months, and am certain to be exhausted (but happily so!) by the time the last person has read. I know that we all look forward to the chance to socialize, and will allow for a longer break, so that we have that time and no one needs to see me turn into a pumpkin.

3) As part of these new beginning and ending guidelines, Zander will be serving as usher. He will be letting folks in, up until we start to write, and he will be gently and charmingly encouraging you to pack up your things and be ready to go.

4) As WHWN moves into the new year, we are looking at how best to create a truly sustainable LGBTI literary community. As part of this, we are asking workshop members to make a $25 donation for each night they attend. As always, this is a suggested donation. We are asking all of you to take a new look at your ability to donate to the ongoing services of WHWN, and to contribute more if you can. We are fortunate to now have a fully funded year scholarship for one member. Let me know if you would like to help fund more such scholarships, as well. Cash or checks, please. Checks made out to Toni Amato.

As always, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

5) For the foreseeable future, I will be offering the usual vegan soup or stew, as well as the usual beverages and popcorn. But, until I am stronger, I will not be baking. If you would like to bring along snacks and treats of your own or to share, please do feel free to do so.

6) Until further notice, the Wednesday Night Workshop will not be open to new members.

See you all soon!

29 November 2011 @ 01:00 pm
This is an all-gender open mic event for queer/genderqueer/transgender folks and their allies.
We welcome the queer and queer-allied community to join us as we create and hold space for folks to read their own words.

A sign-up sheet will be available at the event for 5-minute reading slots. People are encouraged to bring flyers for the community table. Queer Soup ( will be tabling baked goods and beverages! We ask that you help us make this a low-scent event by not wearing perfume/cologne or other scented products.

The $5-$20 sliding scale door donation will help fund WHWN's pro bono work within the community.